We hope that you enjoyed your summer and are excited to begin the next school year. Our names are Melissa Briggs and Carissa LoNano, we will be your PTO Co-chairs for the 2016/17 school year.

Last year was very successful for us and in turn allowed the school to upgrade the exterior security system, replace the wireless system and equipment throughout the school to accommodate the increased equipment (I pads, computers and software systems) sponsor teacher continuing education programs, class field trips, landscaping and student scholarships.

Although raising funds for school expenses is a large part of what the PTO is responsible for, our goal is to encourage school “Community”. We hope to incorporate more family friendly, non-fundraising social events. We have a number of new families and students in the school this year and we want to encourage them to come out and spend time with all of us and quickly feel a part of this amazing SMS family.

Our contact information is below; do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time with volunteer questions or event information. I look forward to meeting all of us you very soon!


Melissa Briggs -
Carissa LoNano –

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Gift Card Store

Click here to download the order form.

When you participate in a Gift Card Program, you purchase gift cards/certificates to stores or vendors that you would regularly shop. These stores/vendors may include your grocery store, restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters and gas stations just to name a few. These are the same cards that you would purchase if you went directly to the store, so these are also great for gift-giving! There are hundreds of participating vendors, please see the order form below for a list.

How does St. Michael's benefit from the Gift Card Program?

For every gift card purchased from our gift card vendor, our school will earn a percentage of that card (averaging 8%). As parents, we can support the school without spending any additional money.

What's in it for the Vendors?

The vendors provide the gift cards at a discount and in return they get to support a charity, advertise, sell their gift cards in bulk and obtain customer loyalty.

How do I order Gift Cards?

Each month we will be taking orders and will place one large order for the entire school. We also keep a stock of some of the most popular vendors at the front desk for last minute gift needs.