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A Catholic Education is An Advantage for Life

About Saint Michael School Extension Parish North Andover Massachusetts

Saint Michael School opened its doors in 1950 as an extension of Saint Michael Parish in North Andover, Massachusetts. The school has long been an important part of the local community, teaching students to honor themselves, their community and their education. Saint Michael School strives to instill faith, honesty, respect and all other essential Catholic values in our students.

Saint Michael School graduates continue to stand out from their peers in both academics and community involvement. Our graduating 8th grade students continue to be accepted at some of the finest high schools in our region including: Austin Preparatory School, Boston College High School (BC High), Bishop Fenwick High School, Bishop Guertin High School, Brooks School, Central Catholic High School, Fontbonne Academy, The Governor's Academy, Lowell Catholic High School, Malden Catholic High School, Matignon High School, Notre Dame Academy, Pingree School, Phillips Academy (Andover), Presentation of Mary Academy (PMA), St. John's Prep and other wonderful private and Catholic high schools.

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Saint Michael School
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Mission Statement

Saint Michael School offers an exceptional Catholic education to our students, nurturing their desire to achieve academic excellence and encouraging spiritual, artistic and athletic development in a caring, family environment. We motivate our students to become well-rounded, moral young men and women who are prepared to live a faithful life with intellectual rigor and spiritual awareness.


Saint Michael School hosted the Visiting Committee from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) from October 2-5, 2005. The Committee was welcomed at a dinner in the school cafeteria. The entire faculty and staff, as well as the Pastoral Team, parish staff, School Board and representatives from the PTO were present at the dinner which a committee of parents prepared and served. The Visiting Committee spent Monday through Wednesday interviewing the staff, school board, parents and priests, as well as visiting each classroom. They examined every aspect of Saint Michael School with regard to seventy seven standards. Saint Michael School is proud to announce that we received our initial accreditation from NEASC on December 8, 2005. We were recertified in December, 2015. We continue to use our findings from the self-study to continue to fulfill the mission of Saint Michael School. For more information regarding NEASC, click here.

Academic Philosophy

Saint Michael School is an entity of love, faith and exemplary education

Middle School Student Council Running the St Mikes Store Goals Accreditation

Our teachers focus on teaching a coherent, specific, and shared sequence of knowledge. Teachers have clear, specific learning goals, as well as the sense of mutual accountability that comes from the shared commitment to help all children achieve those goals. The curriculum ensures that each student who enters a class at the beginning of the year is ready to gain new knowledge and skills to be taught in the coming year. The students at Saint Michael School will be prepared to be responsible citizens, productive workers and successful lifelong learners because we help them acquire essential skills and a strong foundation of knowledge. This curriculum is reviewed by staff/teachers as well as the NEASC to continue to maintain our high standards of education

Our Goals

In accordance with the Mission Statement of Saint Michael School, the following goals have been established:

  • To develop in each child an awareness of the needs of the community so that they may be of service to others.
  • To focus on providing a solid foundation of knowledge and skill in all the academic areas from Nursery through Grade 8.
  • To provide opportunities to participate in art and music activities and to develop an appreciation for the arts.
  • To develop in each child a sense of responsibility for their own actions and to foster respect for others.
  • To teach each child the value of discipline, develop a work ethic and above all to always act morally.
  • To offer a Catholic perspective and vision by offering a religious education in the life of Christ, Church, Sacraments, Bible and sound Catholic moral principles and standards.

Saint Michael School

  • Is a Catholic elementary school dedicated to teaching solid academic content and skills to all children utilizing the Core Knowledge curriculum principles
  • Offers written coherent standards that specify exactly what children should learn in each grade
  • Offers students an environment of academic excellence which promotes the basic building blocks for the future - reading, writing, spelling, math, science, geography, social studies, computer applications and religion
  • Is designed to be attentive to and creatively supportive of individual student needs as well as promoting a healthy respect for discipline and authority
  • Offers a Catholic perspective and vision by offering a religious education in the life of Christ, Church, Sacraments, Bible and sound Catholic moral principles and standards
  • Invites parent-family participation and community ownership of the school and fosters small sized classes
  • Invites a special spirit of generous service through classroom and wider community service
  • Promotes strong moral character and spiritual development to help youngsters face the compromising challenges of the secular culture

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assists the Pastor and Principal in a number of areas including; overseeing business and financial matters, ensuring the school is operating within the approved budget; create plans to maintain that the school facility is in quality condition and work to acquire funds to achieve this purpose; develop and monitor a five-year strategic plan and financial projection; maintain ongoing accreditation needs and ensure compliance with set standards; ensure that the school has a marketing program aimed at capacity enrollment, consistent with archdiocesan guidelines for student admission; promote opportunities to communicate with school parents using a variety of methods and will promote St. Michael School in parish and community.

The Advisory Board does not become involved in the day-to-day operation or administration of the school and faculty. That is the responsibility of the principal.

Advisory Board Members

Father Kevin Deeley
Sue Gosselin, Principal
Jaime Lyn Pickles
Charles Gangi
Brian Norris
Patty Barry
Donna O'Brien